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Rules Clarification for Coaches

It is apparent that there is confusion in regards to the rules regarding the actions of coaches, assistant coaches, team members and supporters. Some important Facts and Guidelines:

  1. The coaching box is a rectangle formed by the boundaries of the sideline (including the bench), end line and generally the 28 foot line or that designated by the officials prior to the game. All chairs and benches should be well inside this area. All coaches are to remain within this area.
  2. The head coach is the only one allowed to remain standing. Assistant coaches may get up to talk to a player or encourage players on the court, but he/she must not remain standing continually.
  3. Coaches out of the box for whatever reason will be issued a warning. Continued violation will result in a technical foul and the loss of the coaching box – meaning he/she now must remain seated.
  4. Head coaches, who question calls, will, as a courtesy, be given a warning unless the nature of the comment demands a technical foul. Assistant coaches receive no such warning and will be assessed a technical foul. Any direct technical foul to the head coach or indirect (those received by assistant coaches or team members on the bench) will result in the loss of the coaching box privilege as stated above.

Hopefully this clarifies the rules and protocol for their enforcement for all coaches and officials.

Yours truly,
Alec Murray
Chairperson of the Technical Committee for the Executive and Technical Committee

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