KASSAA Girls Volleyball Championships

KASSAA Junior Girls Volleyball Championships and the KASSAA Senior Girls Championships are tonight! Good luck to the LaSalle Knights (LSS) vs the Napanee Hawks (NDSS) in the Junior Championships. Good luck to the Frontenac Falcons (FSS) vs the Kingston Bears (KSS) in the Senior Championships.

Championship events like these provide an exciting opportunity for athletes to showcase their hard work and dedication, and for spectators to witness some incredible displays of skill and athleticism.

I’m sure the players and coaches of all the teams are feeling a mix of nerves and excitement as they prepare for these games. It takes a lot of mental and physical preparation to compete at a high level, and I have no doubt that they’ve put in the time and effort to give their best performances.

It’s also worth noting that while winning is always a goal, the journey to get there is just as important. These athletes have likely learned valuable lessons about teamwork, perseverance, and the importance of setting and striving for goals throughout their training and competition experiences. Regardless of the outcome, I’m sure that the players and coaches will walk away from these championships with a sense of accomplishment and pride in their hard work and dedication. So, let’s cheer them on and celebrate their achievements as they pursue the KASSAA championship titles.

A BIG thank you to St. Lawrence College and the Surge for hosting the KASSAA Championships this evening!

Thank you to the following people/schools:

Bayridge Secondary School Livestreaming Crew for providing coverage of the KASSAA Championships at youtube.com/@bayridgeblazers9230 – copy and paste

NDSS for providing assistance with admissions to the Championships.

KSS students for being the “Ball Crew” for the Championships.

Richard “Dick” Turner for providing the announcements this evening.

Kingston District Volleyball Council for providing the officials,

and of course the fans, thank you for all your support throughout the school year.

Sincerely, KASSAA